The Write-In Candidates for Governor

These are the three official write-in candidates. If you don’t like any of the candidates who made the ballot, but still want to vote for an official candidate you must write in one of the three that have been certified. Not voting for a qualified candidate for governor makes it more likely that all the constitutional amendments will pass.

Mark Pearson is a Democratic party activist who has been a write-in candidate for Governor since 8.20.14. The date of his candidacy and his earlier support for John McKamey make it pretty clear he is in the race as a reaction to the Charlie Brown primary victory. He is 59 and lives in Rutherford county. He posts occasionally and his twitter name is He has few Twitter followers and few friends on Facebook. Not much on the web about him.

Belinda Jo Ivins states that she is a political independent. She is 51 and lives in Manchester. She makes a point of noting that “a vote for me counts as a vote for governor,” which is likely meant to remind folks who want to defeat one or more of the constitutional amendments that voting for her is one way to help defeat amendments. (To pass, an amendment must receive 50% plus 1 of the total votes cast for Governor.) She has been a candidate since before the Charlie Brown selection as Democratic nominee, so she did not get in the race solely for that reason. Here is what she says on her website about herself.

“About Me: I am a teacher at Coalmont Elementary School.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Trevecca University, a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Middle Tennessee State University, and an Education Specialist Degree from Tennessee Tech.  I have been teaching for ten years.  I am married with two children. I am certified to teach special education modified grades K-12.  I also have a principal’s license!  I am highly qualified to teach Language Arts grades K-8.”

Darryl Haas  is 62 and lives in Brownsville TN. He announced his candidacy on Facebook on 6.3.14. His message is that he is awake and that he believes in God, country, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, traditional family values , pursuit of happiness and freedoms of the individual.

Here is his view on education:

In order for our Schools to start serving “Our” kids and their needs properly, we need to get the “Government” OUT of our Educational System, 100%. Their Indoctrination and Financial assistance tactics are designed to serve their “Corporate Interests” with “Social Engineering”, and not for the “Needs” of the Students themselves.
Decisions for the Tennessee Educational System should be left to the People and State of Tennessee, not the Federal Government.
Getting the “Control ” back at the “Local Level” will get “Local/Individual Needs” the chance to be “Properly Addressed ”.
Tennessee is quite capable of taking care of its own citizens, without the Government.
Facebook: A Darryl Haas